PVProfit - Dynamic calculation of the profitability

How much – or how little – are the profits on a grid-connected photovoltaic system? It is not easy to answer this question without using business management resources. A purely static estimate of when the EEC infeed revenues will cover the investment costs will not produce any viable calculation of profits.

PVProfit is a dynamic calculation program which can be used to determine the profitability of PV systems which receive a subsidy in the form of a supply, or infeed, payment according to the EEC. Using this calculation program, investments in a PV system can be evaluated quickly and easily according to recognized business management criteria. In addition to the investment costs, the program also considers the operating costs and loan costs, plus internal interest on the capital used. In particular, the capital costs have a considerable influence on the length of amortization and thus the profitability ("solar yield") of a photovoltaic system. In this context, "dynamic" means that the time of the payment flows is also considered, which thus allows the interest on company capital to be taken into account precisely.

Special features:

  • Comparison of different credits
  • Impact of the durability all used components (Inverter breakdown)
  • Impact of inflation ajustable (Price increase of running costs)
  • Splitting up of total costs to individual items (Inverter, PV-Modules, support frame, Cables and assembly)
  • Clear exposition, due to „moveable windows“
  • Comprehensive printouts (colored and black-and-white), individually adjustable amount of the printouts
  • Project management to get better overview to compare different Calculations of economic efficiency (also archived ones)

(Installation without a serial number, you can test PVProfit 3.1 10 days for free.)

System requirements:
Current Windows version (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 32 and 64 Bit) with .NET Framework 4.0.

min. 1GB free RAM, 400 MB of available hard disk space, 1.024 x 768 pixel monitor resolution

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