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Sizing Software irrespective of manufacturer

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This offer is directed specifically towards universities, technical colleges and training schools.

PVscout is a PV-sizing software for the planning and calculation of grid-connected photovoltaic systems irrespective of manufacturer. The program was presented to the public at Intersolar in 2007.

PVscout allows up-to-the-minute scientific conclusions to be drawn about operating behaviour based on solar irradiation values that are precise to the minute. The roof drawing facility means that visual planning is easy too. An individual roof structure, with all its disruptive items such as dormer windows or roof windows, can be easily prepared in a very short time and fitted with PV module types made by a wide range of different manufacturers. These can then be connected with various standard commercial power inverter models. All the inverter combinations for the selected PV generator are displayed in a sorted list. This guarantees maximum flexibility in the choice of the solar modules and power converters. Finally, the user is provided with a complete system documentation in the form of a clear, comprehensive printout.


  • The easy-to-use roof drawing facility
  • The full range of data irrespective of manufacturer
  • Solar irradiation data based on high-resolution mean minute values
  • Calculations of economic efficiency
  • Individually compiled presentation of technical details, order, quotation, electrical circuit diagram, DC connection drawing, solar yield and economic efficiency
  • Internet update capability

Graduated Pricing:

Single user license:            €100,-
10 and more licenses         € 50,- per license
25 and more licenses         € 40,- per license

We offer a discount from 10 licences upon request.


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Education version

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119,00 €

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incl. 19 % VAT.



System requirements:
Current Windows version (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 in 32 and 64 Bit) with .NET Framework 4.0.

min. 1GB free RAM, 400 MB of available hard disk space, 1.024 x 768 pixel monitor resolution.

Microsoft .NET Framework:
PVscout was developed for Microsoft .NET Framework. In order to run .NET programs, an installation of .NET Framework is mandatory. In case you haven not installed .NET Framework, an actual version is available on the Microsoft website. Please choose version 4.0, which can be downloaded free of charge and is compatible to previous versions.

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